Thursday, February 11, 2010


I wanted to start out by saying thanks to all my Fabulous readers for not abandoning me over the last week . You guys rock and I love all the comments and e-mails I get from you all. So I'm sure you all know (via the news) that the east coast has been getting hit hard with blizzard after blizzard . However for Philly this is our third blizzard (over 20 inches of snow) this winter and the second and third were within one week. Philadelphia has had over 40 inches of snow in five days. The city has been shut down completely, meaning no school and for most no work . Usually I would use this extra time to catch up all things fashion and my school work but I've been doing everything except that . I've just been being lazy,reading books, watching movies,cooking, and even playing  in the snow . Anyways NY fashion week is coming up so I should be getting back to usual level of blogieness soon.

So I had to take out the trash and decided to bring my camera so I took some pics while I was out there ,this is what it looks like in my neighborhood. It was super creepy outside because no one was out and it was so quite, but I have to admit it is kinda beautiful.

Do you notice anything different? Yup I got a new camera no more blackberry pics. Yaaaaaahhhhhh.....

I thought this dude was funny as hell. It's not exactly new but I had to post it .


  1. Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing them. I haven't actually seen snow before but it really looks nice and fluffy. :)

  2. That guy is hilaaaarious!!!! ha haaa.. and why is he SCREAAAAMMMMIINGGGG!!!! ... Yup, Im here is Baltimore, so my snow looks just like your snow..I will post some pics... Come check them out