Thursday, January 28, 2010

OOTD/Blackberry pics

I haven't posted any pics lately so I wanted to do a OOTD. Me and my friends went to $2 Tuesdays the other night so I finally had a good reason to get dressed up  .I needed to get out of the house and have some fun and I was too happy cause this also  gave me a chance to wear my black sequin blazer for the first time. Before I left the house I got my sister to take some pictures of me.I had a few pics that were taken at the club but I decided not to post them because drunk and hot is not a good look on me . After looking at the pics I was like, I wish I would have wore all black.When I was getting dressed my thought process was I wanna do black with a pop of color, but my color didn't have enough pop to it .It's all good though, I got compliments I had a lot of fun and I met a cute boy (honestly not so much cute but definitely fly)so the night was good .

  • Skirt -Alloy
  • Top-Oldnavy
  • Tights -Torrid
  • Belt-Ross (wore  the belt backwards so only elastic part would show)
  • Shoes- Endless
  • Jacket-Yours
O and look at my hair, I got rid of the short do and went back to long hair.I'm glad I tested the short look  out first cause I missed long hair . Even though short hair is in right now and i love the way it looks on Halle and RiRi  it's just not me. I'll take Sher over Halle any day...


  1. I love this, you look stunning. I wish I'd nabbed a sequin blazer when I had the chance!

  2. oooh now I finally see how that Yours sequin jacket looks on someone! very cute! haha @ drunk and hot is not a good look on you. i don't think its a good look on anyone!

  3. I'm digging that blazer and hair. I really want to get a weave like that, but I can't afford it right now. Glamour is expensive, lol.

  4. I wanted to get that sequin blazer from Yours, but I didn't know how it looked. I think I might have to get it now.

  5. IN LOVE with this skirt! :D

    so foooxxxyyy!