Sunday, February 14, 2010


While looking over fashion shows from this fashion week I find myself amazed by the innovative designs that are sent down the runway.This got me thinking about the vintage clothing that so many love and how far fashion in general has come. So I started doing a little searching for vintage fashion and came across some really great pictures so you know I had to share with you guys. It's amazing to see the differences between then and now, and how some things never change .

Sitting pretty front row at a Chanel show -Barbra Streisand and others, Marlene Dietrich, Elsa Martinelli, wearing Chanel suits at Chanel fashion show. 1967
Unknown fashion shoot from 1950's 
French model in Dior fashion show 1959
 Unknown Fashion shoot 
Fashion show held at the Ritz in 1949

 Dior 1957 (Models unknown)


  1. I love the pictures they are so amazing! Thanks for sharing the pictures you found!

  2. Wow! The white dress in the last photo is stunning.

  3. I love vintage clothing and dresses. I found a FAB store this weekend with tons of vintage dresses. Too bad I couldn't squeeze these hips into any of them!

  4. i LOVE vintage. they knew what they were doing back in those days.

    ... and im so glad i stumbled into your blog! i ADORE it!

    love and blessings,

  5. those pictures are beautiful!


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