Sunday, November 29, 2009

Deco Den

OK so when it comes to accessories I  love anything that's over the top glam or sparkly . My cell has a zebra pattern rhinestone case on it that's cute but I'm quickly getting tired of it. Recently while online looking for new cases I came across Deco den.I don't know much about it, but from what I found  Deco den really popular in Japanese culture and is basically  over the top decorations on all types of accessories like phones and any thing you can put gems on . As I searched the web for more deco den I found girls who had went all out and adorned  there phone ,cameras , key chains, and even their  nails in deco den. For a lot of people this would be way too much but as soon as I saw how flashy ,extravagant,and  just all out loud  this stuff was I fell in love with it . If any one knows anything else about Deco Den or  knows were I can purchase a deco kit please comment or email me . I haven't had much luck finding a place that wasn't sold out of deco kits . Lastly I'm really curious  to know what you ladies think of  Deco den .Do you all think its trashy or do you think its fab?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cocktail Hour

Lately I have been obsessed with finding the perfect cocktail hat and rings . After searching high and low I've narrowed my findings down to a few fab pieces that I promptly ordered.  .Since I hate to keep secrets from you guys I decided to post my findings in hopes to make your search for the perfect cocktail hour accessories a lot easier.

From left to right 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New boots

I recently got a got a pair of moccasin boot from Endless. I love these boots . I wear them every time I get a chance, so I had to post a pic of me and my new obsession. I've also noticed that I haven't posted any pic of myself so this post solves that problem too.This is me as of today.Please excuse me for the low quality pic.I'm in need of a new camera so I just took this off my cell phone. I have on leggings and the Ditsy Print Top from Torrid and Minnetonka Woodstock Boots which I am in love with from Endless

As we all know boots are a big part of the fall /winter wardrobe so I wanted to feature a few pairs of boots from different price points.I hope this makes the search for the perfect pair of boots a little bit easier.


UO Deena & Ozzy Peeptoe Wedge Boot $68


Net A Porter Crocodile-stamped Dr Martens $135 

Free People Sparrow Ankle Boot $498

Net A Porter Jimmy Choo York leather motorcycle boots $1195


Free People Vamp Over the Knee Boots $128  

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rihanna in Italian Vouge (Eye Candy)

Rihanna is stunning in Italian Vogue had to post the pics ...


Pictures provided by Bossip

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I might be jumping the gun a little by saying that black is a trend cause I can't remember a time when black wasn't in. However what I am talking about is all black from head to toe.The release of "Run This Town" is not my reason for this although it doesn't hurt my my case.Sum of the most fab fashionistas have been seen lately running around in all black this Summer.Who can blame them ? All black is always chic and lets not forget the sliming effect black is really hard to do any wrong by.With the last few summers being dominated by everything colorful,seeing all black is refreshing . Ladies take note all black is back.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Lots of girls(not just plus size) avoid jeans . Denim can be uncomfortable , and most times they never fit quite right . Having gone through this problem many times myself I know how hard it can be to find the right pair. So I decided to show you sum options that work well on most plus size shapes. your options are not limited to these but they are a good start.

The skinny

Allot of people will say that bigger girls should stay away from skinny jeans, but DON'T listen to them. Skinny Jeans are so in right now and more than likely they will be for a while . There is no reason any plus size girl should not have a few pairs of great fitting pairs of skinny jeans in their wardrobe. When looking for the perfect pair of skinny's keep fit in mind . Yes your skinny jeans should be skinny, but they should not be so tight that you can't breathe . Alos remember that if you find a fab pair that you like but don't fit quite as skinny as you would like don't discard them you can always have them tailored for around $5-$9.

Alloy $31-$35

Z. Cavaricci Plus Size Skinny Jeans, Rinse Wash
Macys $58

Wide legs & Trousers

Trousers and wide legs are perfect for almost all body types. With a simple shoe change from a flat to a heel a well fitted pair can take you from day to night easily.trousers and wide leged denim are also good for sliming your tummy or evening out top heavy figures.

Right Fit denim trouser Lane Bryant $39


Cate Wide Leg Trouser Svoboda $118

Trendy Jeans

When it come to trends it's best not to splurge. What you like this season you may hate next season. Another thing about trends is they don't always work out. Depending on body type or the way you wear them trends may be fab or a mess so just have fun expirmenting with them .

Distressed Boyfriend Cropped Jean Avenue $38

Acid Wash Skinny Jeans Torrid $39

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Naoim Sims dies at 61

Sadly the beautiful Naomi Sims has passed away from cancer at the age of 61. Naomi was the first black super model.In 1968 She was the first black model to appear on mainstream magazine, Ladies Home Journal . Sims also appeared on the covers of Essence,Life, and Cosmo. Ms.Sims was a trail blazer and paved the way for the young black super models of today.My deepest sympathies go out to her family.

Monday, July 27, 2009


I would love to say that I've know about Beth for years and that I was one of her first fans but that isn't true. I only been aware of her existence for a little over a year . The first time I ever saw her was on a tabloid and the picture was of her sweating feverishly at a concert . Even through all the chaos of the photo I noticed the outfit she had on . As soon as I got in the house I googled her and was hooked from then on.

For the last few months Beth Ditto's Name has been echoing throughout the blogosphere Due to the highly anticipated release of her new line for UK based plus size clothing store Evans .Well that date has come and gone and from I hear Beth Ditto at Evans is doing well .Personally I loved Many of the pieces but was a little disappointed the line was so small .Despite that I'm excited to see whats next for her line .

Beth Ditto's fearless attitude and eclectic fashion choices are a perfect recipe for artistic inspiration. I wanted to do a post on her today just because shes fab, Enjoy the eye candy.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let me introduce myself

Hi, I’m Candice from Philly. I am new to blogging and I wanted to make one for quite a while. I decided there was no time like the present and to just do it . Although I am head over heels in love with fashion I haven't always been the most fashionable girl. Even now I'm still constantly refining my personal style. Within the last few years the fashion world has started to recognize that there are girls out there who are over a size 0,6,or 8 that love fashion too. Plus size options have grown tremendously an although we don't have as many choices as we should ,the options are much better than they were. Just like many young women my age my sense of style is always evolving and changing. I am always finding new places to shop ,different ways to look good in clothes,and learning to break bad habits like settling for not so cute clothes just because they fit.

Sum people look at fashion as unimportant, pointless
,or shallow. I know from experience this is NOT true .Being a plus size isn't easy. There are so many things done and said daily that can chip away at your self esteem . Fashion can be liberating. The right dress can give you an extra boost of confidence or the right pair of heels can can change your mood entirely, taking you from sad to sexy.There are still plus size girls who feel limited when it comes to fashion .Sum are discouraged by the small selections of plus sizes lines in local malls, or because they thing there's nothing that they will look good in,or even worse things a "big girl cant wear"  . This is the reason I started my blog . I want to share ideas,tips ,tricks , and what I've learned with you. I want to show plus size ladies they dont have to follow the rules when it comes to fashion and inspire you to have fun with fashion .

I've introduced myself now I want to introduce Cupcakes & High heels (which I named after two of my favorite things) to you all and let everyone know what it's all about. You guys already know I love fashion so of course you know I will be blogging about all the latest fashion news, trends, fab chicas,new plus lines, and of course everything I’m lusting over at the moment. This blog won't be entirely about fashion though, you'll see a lil bit of every thing I love. Once in a while you all will see some current events, celebrity gossip,Music, also product,restaurant,and website reviews or whatever catches my eye.Welcome to my blog and Enjoy!!!!