Thursday, January 28, 2010

OOTD/Blackberry pics

I haven't posted any pics lately so I wanted to do a OOTD. Me and my friends went to $2 Tuesdays the other night so I finally had a good reason to get dressed up  .I needed to get out of the house and have some fun and I was too happy cause this also  gave me a chance to wear my black sequin blazer for the first time. Before I left the house I got my sister to take some pictures of me.I had a few pics that were taken at the club but I decided not to post them because drunk and hot is not a good look on me . After looking at the pics I was like, I wish I would have wore all black.When I was getting dressed my thought process was I wanna do black with a pop of color, but my color didn't have enough pop to it .It's all good though, I got compliments I had a lot of fun and I met a cute boy (honestly not so much cute but definitely fly)so the night was good .

  • Skirt -Alloy
  • Top-Oldnavy
  • Tights -Torrid
  • Belt-Ross (wore  the belt backwards so only elastic part would show)
  • Shoes- Endless
  • Jacket-Yours
O and look at my hair, I got rid of the short do and went back to long hair.I'm glad I tested the short look  out first cause I missed long hair . Even though short hair is in right now and i love the way it looks on Halle and RiRi  it's just not me. I'll take Sher over Halle any day...

Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Golden Globes

The Golden Globes aired tonight and like many I wanted to see who would take home a globe but for me the real show was on the "Red Carpet".The Golden Globes is a eclectic mix of Hollywoods finest, actors from our favorite shows, and every thing in between.With this diverse mix of people there's the potential for all types of fashion hits and misses .As this was only the GG's and not the Oscars my expectations were not that high. None the less if you show up,you must show out.These are some people who I thought did just that and some I think should ummm,just try again.

First I wanted to talk about some of our fellow fatty's Monique,Amber,and Gaby .

Amber- (I could not find a decent picture of her from last night so I'll post a picture of her dress when I track one down.)

Gabourey Sidibe- I really like Gaby and I think she has a beautiful spirit.With that being said I have to say that every time I see pictures of her I'm disappointed. I think she is in serious need of a stylist (I'm available.) However compared to some of the things I've seen her wear in the past this is one of her better selections.Even though I feel that there are way better options out there she looks pretty good overall. I just wish I could see her in something that was actually age appropriate or on trend. I'm wont talk about hair and makeup, since it was raining everyone gets a pass on that .

Monique-Monique was beautiful as usual.She wore a strapless gold Reem Acra dress and minimal accessories .My only complaint  is I feel like I've seen her in this dress before.I would love to see her try a bold or bright color.

 Loved It

Hated It

Photo credits:Just Jared ,MTV,Getty Images.

 Me and my sister went back and forth about who should be on this list and we only agreed on two spots off the whole list.I know we all have different taste so let me know what who you guys thought were the best and worst dressed.