Thursday, February 25, 2010

Anna Scholz Black and White Label

I think this winter has been the worse some of us have ever seen, so I'm sure that I'm not the only one counting the days until spring. Lately I've been obsessed with all the beautiful floral prints and flowing dresses that a spring/summer wardrobe brings. I've been looking for the perfect pieces to add to my closet for spring/summer and I've found allot of those pieces at Anna Scholz’s. I am completely in love with Anna Scholz Black and White Labels. Both of these collections offer a bit of everything. The Black Label Collection is an extension of her premium White Label .The BLC has a focus on day wear and is full of fresh on trend prints and embellishments. Besides the clothes the best thing about the Black label for me is, it's at a price point that almost everyone can afford (how fab is that!) The White Label is a more premium luxury focused collection and features day and night wear. The WLC is full of beautiful dresses made with the best fabrics. The WLC has a classier chic feel, whereas the BLC has a trendier fresh look. Both lines are gorgeous and would work great together if mixed and matched .These are a few pieces from both collections, check them out and let me know what you think.


Special Thanks to Deborah @ Anna Schloz 
Pictures - Property of Anna Scholz press


  1. those designs are totally mind blowing. amazing! thanks for highlighting this designer, i never would have known how great her stuff is!


  2. That black top with the crochet back is amazing!! Will be adding that to my wishlist! :)